Venus Fly Trap

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Venus Fly Trap

The best known of all carnivorous plants! The Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) lures insects to their death by the scent and the color inside each trap. When an insect lands inside a trap, it steps on a “trigger hair.” The plant waits for the prey to touch the hair a second time, then closes, catching the insect. It won’t open again until the insect is digested several days later. After 3 closings, the leaf will turn black and a new one will begin to grow.

Growing Instructions:

Location: Venus Fly Traps are not at all difficult to grow indoors, so long as you have a warm, buggy spot for them to live. A sun porch window where doors open and close frequently to let in insects is perfect.

Watering: Most carnivorous plants are native to streams where the water is pure. They should be kept moist with either distilled water or rain water for best results. Do NOT let them dry out.

Feeding: Although it is tempting, do NOT overfeed your carnivores. An occasional ant, fly or spider dropped onto the leaves will suffice. Never feed any processed meats, including hamburger.

Dormancy: These plants will go dormant when the day length shortens and temperatures cool to 40-50°F. It is recommend that you place your plant in a cool area away from direct sun in the winter months.

Grower’s Tip:
Do NOT try to trick the plants into closing with a pencil or finger. It wastes precious energy and the oils from your hands will damage delicate leaves.