Velvet Queen (Organic)

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Lovely flowering plants with sturdy stems make the Velvet Queen Sunflower ideal for borders or cut flowers. This striking heirloom variety has velvety, dark mahogany-red petals with an almost black center. Birds love them! (Annual, 5-7′ tall) CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Learn How to Grow Sunflowers here.

Each packet contains approximately 100 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Direct sow after all danger of frost has passed, about 4- to 12-inches apart, with 1/2 inch of soil covering them. Plants germinate quickly and will thrive in areas with full sun, rich soil and ample water. Locate tall plants on the north side of the garden so they do not shade other crops.

Plants are ready to harvest when the heads turn brown and most of the leaves have dropped. Cut the stem — one foot from the head — using sharp pruning shears and place in a paper bag. Do NOT use plastic. Hang upside down in a cool room with good ventilation and check often — seeds fall freely from the head when dry. Consider leaving some of the mature flower heads on the stalks to attract birds and other wildlife to your yard.