Nutri-Rich (8-2-4)

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100% Organic. Nutri-Rich Fertilizer offers the most complete source of essential nutrients to promote a longer lasting green and a stronger more robust root system. Formulated into uniform granules — every piece contains the same nutrients necessary for optimal plant nutrition. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

• Ideal for ALL turf and garden applications
• Guaranteed weed and dirt free — low dust!
SAFE to use around children and pets
• Slow release formula is environmentally friendly
• Chock-full of primary nutrients and micronutrients

Available size: 40 lb Bag

Easy to apply, just broadcast with any conventional spreader for complete coverage on turf. The density and sizing allow for each particle to immediately settle into the soil and begin feeding your lawn the moment your broadcasting is complete. Covers 2,000 square feet.

Application Recommendations (PDF)

Ingredients: Dried poultry waste, blood meal, feather meal and sulfate of potash.