Pirate Bugs (Thripor®)

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Orius insidiosus – The Minute Pirate Bug is a diamond-patterned black and white predator with a distinctive sucking beak and an insatiable appetite. It stuffs its 3 mm length with large amounts of thrips, spider mites, aphids, and the eggs and larval stages of many soft bodied insects such as small caterpillars.

Available size: 1000/ bottle

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Orius are released at a rate of 5-10 per 100 square feet. To release, gently tumble the container to mix the contents and shake the predators out close to pest infestations. Best results are achieved when applications are made in the early morning or late afternoon. Alfalfa, sweet clover, vetch and Shasta daisy will help to attract and keep this popular beneficial insect around.

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