Solexx Garden Master


FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States.
FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States.

Surprisingly spacious with lots of room to grow! A master gardener’s delight or the hobbyist’s dream. This spacious, European-style greenhouse has 6′ 6″ tall outer walls and a gable that peaks at 8′ 9″ for ample room to trellis plants like cucumber, cantaloupe and tomatoes. With four bench frames each able to support 500 lbs. of distributed weight and two hanging rods, you will be amazed at how much room you have to grow all your favorite flowers, herbs and vegetables.

The Garden Master is freestanding and requires no special foundation or site preparation… just level the ground beneath it!

• Easy assembly — takes just a few readily available tools!
• Twin-wall 3.5 mm Solexx Panels provide optimal plant light
• Easy flow louver
• Two-tier, steel-reinforced bench frames
• 2 steel-reinforced hanging rods — great for flower baskets!

8 ft. – 8′ W x 8′ L x 8′ 9″ H
12 ft. – 8′ W x 12′ L x 8′ 9″ H
16 ft. – 8′ W x 16′ L x 8′ 9″ H
24 ft. – 8′ W x 24′ L x 8′ 9″ H
Extension – 8′ W x 8′ L x 8′ 9″ H

Grower’s Tip:
Insulated Solexx Panels reduce heating costs, but most importantly, you get more light diffusion than is available with other types of covering. University tests have shown that plants grow better under diffused sunlight. Another feature that makes Solexx different is their built-in steel-reinforced bench frames and hanging rods. With almost all other kits, these are NOT included.