SeedHouse Jr

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BLOWOUT SALE! An easy-to-use pop-up cold frame! The FlowerHouse Seed House Jr provides an early start for growing vegetables, flowers and herbs. Made with GRO-TEC, an incredibly tough material that’s UV resistant and lets 75% of the light in. Diffused light benefits plants both by reducing excess light on upper leaves and by increasing the amount of light reflected onto the lower leaves. Perfect for young, tender starts!

• Compact and lightweight — NO tools required!
• Full zipper closure and screened ventilation
• Protects plants from wind, frost and snow
• Open bottom allows for placement over existing plants, beds and containers
• Ideal for backyards, patios and small decks

Size: 26″ x 30″ x 30″ (enough room for 4 standard flats)

Grower’s Tip:
A thermal mass, usually a bucket of water or rocks, can be placed inside your mini-greenhouse to absorb and store heat during the day. At night the stored heat is released, warming your plants and the interior of your greenhouse.