Yellow Jacket (Disposable)


The RESCUE Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap catches all major species common to North America. Consists of a two-layer durable plastic bag with a scientifically designed molded plastic entry structure that prevents escape.

A powerful water-soluble attractant is included; you simply add water or diluted apple juice and hang it outside. Yellow jackets are lured by the attractant scent and fly into the bag through the entry structure. Once full, the top cap closes shut and the entire trap can be placed in the garbage.

• Just add water — insects won’t be able to resist it!
• Captures multiple yellowjacket species
• Perfect for picnics, barbeques or camping trips
• Attractant (included) lasts for weeks, with no re-baiting necessary


Step 1: Cut plastic on top cap at dotted line.

Step 2: Pull open and attach string or wire.

Step 3: Add water to fill line.

Step 4: Hang outside where pests are a problem

Step 5: When full, close cap and dispose in trash.

Please select the appropriate attractant for your area.

Zone Map

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