CompoSpin (50 gal.)

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With over 5 years in development the CompoSpin Composter creates top grade “garden gold” in as little as 4-6 weeks. Features a patented spherical design that incorporates air induction tubes to supply necessary oxygen while the Roll-On base (included) makes it easy to turn and empty the pile.

Attractive design looks great while absorbing and containing heat to maximize the decomposition process. Made from recycled and recyclable products. Capacity: 6.7 cubic feet (50 gallons).

• Made of recycled and recyclable materials
• Creates nutrient rich compost in as little as 4-6 weeks!
• Sturdy construction is designed for all seasons
• Roll-on base (included) — just spin to mix!
• Rodent and small animal proof
• Capacity: 50 gallons
• Warranty: 1-Year (against manufacturers defects)

Size: 28″ diameter x 31.5″ tall (combined height).

Owner’s Manual – PDF