Bat House

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Made in Montana, our handcrafted Cedar Bat House provides a very specific roosting environment which attracts these misunderstood insect eaters. All interior surfaces are scored to enable bats to grip and includes one vertical partition, providing two nesting chambers — holds up to 40 bats! Solid construction is built to last and design is approved by Bat Conservation International.

Size: 20″ H x 15″ W x 7″ D

Select a sunny, protected location and attach to your home, barn or a nearby tree at least 12-15 feet above the ground. For best results, bat houses should be located within 100-300 yards of a stream, lake or other permanent water source.

Note: North American bat populations are in severe decline. It is believed that millions are killed annually by widespread pesticide use and/ or by people who unintentionally destroy their winter hibernation areas.

When you hang a bat house, you are not only providing a roosting site for many valuable bat species, you are also helping to rid your backyard of a wide variety of night-flying insects. A single brown bat can catch 500 to 1,000 mosquitoes per hour and can live to be almost 40 years old. A small colony of 100 brown bats can eat up to 40 lbs. of insects over a four month growing season.