Bucket Lid

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Snap-on lids, move over. Food storage preservation just moved to the next level with the patent-pending AirScape Bucket Lid. An air-tight deal might keep moisture out, but it also traps air molecules in, allowing coffee, pet food and bulk grains to go stale in a matter of days. This unique design forces air out of the pail no matter how full or empty it is, so contents stay as fresh as the first day they were stored.

• Patent-pending valve provides a perfect airtight seal
• Adjusts to content level for maximum freshness
• BPA-free and food-safe materials
• Protects from rodent and insect infestation
• Perfect for grains, livestock feed, mineral supplements and more
• Simple 1-hand operation

Available size: Fits standard buckets from 3.5 to 5 gallon.

User’s Tip:
To protect contents from chemicals, choose food grade containers for storage.