Azomite (Granular)

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A well-mineralized garden pays off in larger blooms, stronger plants and nutritionally dense greens and vegetables. Down To Earth Azomite provides a large range of minerals and trace elements that can help deeply rejuvenate depleted garden soils.

• Made from natural volcanic mineral deposits
• Contains more than 70 minerals
• Proven to boost crop production and rate of growth
• Easy, clean application; granulated formula is nearly dust free

Available in a 6-lb. box


Vegetable Gardens: Apply 1 to 2 lbs per 10 square feet and thoroughly mix into soil. To feed established plants, side dress 1-2 oz, depending on plant size.

Containers: Add 2-3 Tbsp per gallon of soil and mix thoroughly or mix 1/2 to 1 lb per cubic yard.

Trees/ Shrubs: Apply 1 lb per 1-inch of trunk diameter, extend outwards from base to the drip line. Mix into soil surface and water well.

Lawns: Broadcast 3-6 lbs per 1,000 square feet and water well.

Grower’s Tip:
Derived from the dust of an ancient volcano, this popular product is easy to use and can be applied directly or in combination with other soil amendments.