Krazy Karl’s

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A premium quality Orchid Mix that’s hand-blended right here in our Planet Natural retail store. Krazy Karl’s has been thoughtfully prepared using only the finest softwood bark, coco husk, perlite and sphagnum peat moss we could find. It’s the perfect recipe, providing optimum drainage, air circulation and just the right amount of moisture retention. Best of all, it comes packaged in a convenient 3-liter bag (3.17 quarts) so you don’t have to buy a bunch of it when it’s time to repot. Easy to use, just soak for 12 hours or more and get started.

• All purpose mix is a local favorite!
• Organic ingredients promote healthy, natural growth
• Medium particle size provides good air circulation
• Soaked and double rinsed — NO additional rinsing required!
• Retains moisture and drains rapidly
• Low dust formula — NO mess!

Grower’s Tip:
Do you water too much? If so, select a coarse potting media and use clay pots. Don’t water enough? Switch to plastic pots (not clay) and repot using a fine planting substrate.

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