Weed Barrier


Chemical-free weed control that lasts 20 years! Weed-Shield Weed Barrier blocks out weeds while allowing water, air and nutrients to pass through to the soil. Easy to use, just place on the soil and cover with a mulch. Professional grade. Garden Staples can be used to help secure the landscape fabric.

• Rated #1 for stopping weeds by 8 university studies
• Professional grade landscape fabric is for permanent applications
• Moisture, fertilizers, air reach plants to allow for healthy soil
• Durable, tear-resistant; won’t rot or mildew
• Ideal for use in landscaped beds, under decks and walkways
• Patented dual-layer material with a 20-year weed-free guarantee


STEP 1: Unroll Weed-Shield and cut fabric to desired length. Fit (black side up – gray side down) around plants or cut slits in material to fit over plants. Overlap adjacent sections at least 3-inches.

Note: Leave openings for bulbs so they can emerge from the ground in spring.

STEP 2: Install new plants by cutting X’s at the location of each new plant. Plant shrubs, trees and small plants through the material into the soil beneath.

STEP 3: Cover with a 3″ layer of organic mulch.

Grower’s Tip:
Small weeds may germinate in the top mulch but can easily be removed by hand since the roots will not penetrate the fabric.

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