Wall O’ Water

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“The most efficient way to keep plants protected from freezing weather.” Wall O Waters enable organic gardeners to start tomatoes, peppers, squash or other plants 6-8 weeks earlier, without fear of freezing. Plants will be healthier and produce up to twice the fruit 30-40 days earlier. Protects down to 16°F. Color: Green

Each Wall O Water encircles an 18-inch diameter area and should last 3 to 5 years. Made in Montana.

Available size: 3-Pack


Step 1: Set Wallo’ Waters up where you will plant a full six to eight weeks before the last frost date for your area. These plant protectors give your plants more time to grow. If you don’t use the time it will be lost.

Step 2: Set up one week before transplanting to warm the soil. This is very important. We all understand that if you transplant into cold soil you may easily stunt the plant’s development.

Step 3: When you first set them up fill them only two thirds full and they will fold together at the top like a little teepee. Leave them in the teepee night and day as long as the plant is small.

Step 4: We recommend that you use small plants. Three to four inch plants usually have less trouble with transplant shock.

Step 5: After several weeks the plants will start to push through the opening at the top. You can now completely fill the Wallo’ Water and it will remain open. Leave it open, until it is removed.

Step 6: Keep them on until 30 – 45 days after the last normal frost date. Don’t get in a hurry to take them off. They will never overheat the plant as long as you follow these steps. It is important to take advantage of the additional heat provided during this final month when you still have cool nights.

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