W.H.Y Spray

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Use for Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Nests. RESCUE W.H.Y Spray provides a concentrated blast of natural plant oils that kills insects in seconds, yet is SAFE to you and the environment.

• Safe to use anytime of day on visible nests
• Coats, penetrates and destroys the nest
• Repels insects returning to the treated nest
• Made with natural plant oil
• Kills within seconds

Available size: 14 oz Spray

Stand a safe distance from nest. Apply W.H.Y Spray to nest openings first, then fully saturate outside of nest. Avoid spraying directly on plants. Foliage contacted with spray should be hosed off.

Active Ingredients:
Lemongrass Oil ….. 2.00%
Clove Oil ….. 2.00%
Rosemary Oil ….. 0.01%
Geranium Oil ….. 0.01%

Other Ingredients ….. 95.98%

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