Twist Tiller (TNT-4)

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The Yard Butler Twist Tiller Garden Cultivator can help your soil and your plants by breaking up the hard compacted top layer. This allows water and air to get down into the soil, enhancing a plant’s ability to draw nutrients. In addition, loosening the soil makes planting and amending soil easier. This durable garden tool can be used for mixing compost and digging holes, too.

• Easily tills soil for quicker planting
• Step-on foot bar helps to penetrate soil
• Promotes free flow of water, air, and fertilizer for a healthy garden
• Perfect for mixing amendments such as coconut coir into the soil
• Long, comfortable “T” handle is easy on your back
• All steel construction
• Guaranteed forever!

Size: 37″ x 14″ x 6″


STEP 1: Simply place the Garden Cultivator where you want to work the soil, grip the handle and turn in a twisting motion side to side to loosen soil.

STEP 2: The unique foot plate is designed to utilize body weight and easily drive the tiller head into compacted areas.