Spider & Insect

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Contains NO poisons! Terro Insect & Spider Traps capture crawling pests including ants, roaches, crickets and centipedes. Release paper protects the glue surface and is easily removed when ready to use. Tab locks to form a tent that hides captured insects from direct view. Safe for people, pets and the environment.

• Effective against brown recluse, hobo and black widow
• Ready to use and non-toxic (pesticide-free)
• Can be used flat or folded (Keeps children or pets from coming into contact with the sticky glue surface)
• Ideal for use in basements, attics, under furniture and dark corners
• Simple, yet very effective!

Available size: 4-Pack


Step 1: Slowly remove release paper.

Step 2: Fold into “tent” or use as a flat glue board by folding lengthwise along perforation.

Step 3: Place in kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets and near appliances — anywhere creepy crawlies hide!

Step 4: Replace every 3 months or when full.

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