Halls Single

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Ideal for the cultivation of small plants and vegetables, this mini-greenhouse is especially useful for the protection of young plants and seedling in the early spring. Halls Single Cold Frame offers 6 square feet of growing area and ships complete with 2 hinged sliding vents and 4 stakes for anchoring to the ground.

• Combines quality with excellent value
• Hinged sliding vents for increased ventilation
• Aluminum construction offers long life and low maintenance
• Polypropylene panels allow 70% light transmission
• Complete kit delivered to your home
• 5 year warranty on panels

Length: 3′ 3″
Width: 2′ 0″
Back Height: 1′ 4″
Front Height: 1′ 0″
Growing Area: 6 sq ft
No. of Vents: 2

Grower’s Tip:
Old school gardeners know that you can heat up a cold frame by working a layer of manure under the growing medium, allowing decomposition to provide heat.