RainWizard 50

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Here’s a rainwater collection system that’s no-fuss — with a touch of magic. The Rain Wizard 50 gallon rain barrel captures runoff from your roof and stores it for a not-so rainy day. When your garden needs the extra moisture, just hook a hose to the brass spigot. You’ll appreciate the space-saving design, the weather-defying construction and the easy-clean details on this water saver!

• 50-gallon capacity
• Ultra-durable polyethylene resin resists mildew, mold and rust
• Endures harsh sun and freezing temps (drain first)
• Flat-back design conserves space
• Classic look and texture
• 100% recycled materials; made in USA!
• Debris screen keeps out leaves, insects and curious kids!
• Link multiple barrels together with a separate connector kit

Owner’s Manual (PDF)

Available color: Oak Brown (other colors options are available — please call!)
Size: 30″ x 22″ x 22″; 19 lbs empty

Grower’s Tip:
This classic rain barrel offers an ingenious overflow spout that directs water away from a house’s foundation, helping prevent damage during heavy rains.