Red Milkweed

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Monarch caterpillars love it! Red Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) plants grow 3- to 5-feet tall and produce bright clusters of pink flowers that bloom throughout the summer. Perfect for native landscapes, beds, borders and butterfly gardens. Hardy to zone 4. (Perennial)

Each packet contains approximately 150 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
Sow indoors under lights 4- to 8-weeks before the last frost date of spring or direct sow in sunny garden beds after temperatures have warmed. Prior to transplanting outside, pinch off the top 1-inch of growth to promote good branching. Space 12- to 24-inches apart in all directions and mulch well to conserve moisture loss and reduce weeds.

Seeds can easily be gathered from pods that are just starting to open. Strip from fluff and store in an envelope or paper bag until ready to use.

Note: To improve germination success, place seeds in moist soil and store in your refrigerator crisper for 3- to 4-weeks prior to planting. Learn How to Stratify Seeds and Improve Germination here.