All Purpose (4-4-4)


Dr. Earth Premium Gold All Purpose Fertilizer releases its balanced plant nutrition quickly, yet continues to feed for several months. Promotes healthy growth and bigger, more abundant harvests… NATURALLY!  Each 4 lb bag will feed 60 square feet or 16 five-gallon plants. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

• Contains NO GMOs or sewage sludge (biosolids)
• 100% natural ingredients — eliminates the need for synthetic chemicals!
• Includes beneficial soil microbes, plus mycorrhizae
• A handcrafted blend — perfect for every plant in the garden!
• SAFE for people and pets

Available in 4 lb, 25 lb and 50 lb sizes.

Highly recommended for vegetables, flowers, potted plants and all types of shrubs and trees.

Gardens: During bed preparation, mix 1-1/3 cups for every 10 sq ft of growing area, or 6 cups for every 50 ft of planting row. Work the soil to a depth of 6-12 inches and water well.

Containers: Mix 2 Tbsp per gallon of potting soil, or add 1/2 cup per 1/2 cubic foot (approx. 5 gallons) of potting soil. Mix thoroughly and water well.

Trees & Shrubs: Spread 2 cups for every 1-inch of trunk diameter around the base outwards to the drip line, gently work into the soil and water thoroughly.

Ingredients: Alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, bone meal, feather meal, potassium sulfate, kelp meal and kelp flour.