Orange Prince

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African native. Silver-tinged foliage is finely lobed and silky in appearance. The Orange Prince Daisy is tolerant of heat, sun, and drought. Does best in warm, dry conditions. Beautiful sunny orange blooms until frost. (Annual, 2 ft. tall) Learn How to Grow Daisies here.

Each packet contains approximately 100 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
When other flowers are fading in late summer, daisies stand long and tall. Plants are easily started from seed — sow 1/8 inch deep — but you can start them indoors in pots as well. They’ll tolerate poor soils but do best in well-drained prepared beds with lots of organic matter. Once established, they do not need much water to thrive.

Specialized varieties are popular among florists and those selling cut blossoms at farmer markets. Remove the spent flowers to extend the flowering season into the fall. Plants should be cut down to the ground in late fall.