Mexican (8-1-1)

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BLOWOUT SALE! High Nitrogen. Organic Mexican Bat Guano has been used for centuries as an organic plant food of the highest quality. An excellent source of nitrogen (8%) and trace elements, it substantially boosts leaf growth and overall plant vigor.

Available in 1.25 lb sizes.


Indoors: Mix 1-3 Tbsp per gallon of water and apply directly around the base of plants. Repeat every 4-weeks.

Outdoors: Mix 2-3 Tbsp per gallon of water and apply directly to the soil. May also be used as a top-dressing, mixing into the top 2-3″ of soil during the growth phase of plant life. Repeat every 2-weeks.

Lawns & Large Gardens: Broadcast or spread at the rate of 25 pounds per 1000 square feet of area for lush, green growth.