Ladybug Attractant

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Attract beneficial insects to your garden! Monterey Ladybug Attractant was developed to help home gardeners and professional growers manage a number of crop destructive insect pests. Contains a special attractant that simulates the scent of aphids, luring lady beetles, lacewings and hoverflies with the scent of their favorite food. As these natural predators are drawn to your garden, they provide biological control of many insect pests. May also be used to keep purchased beneficial insects around when pest populations are low.

Encapsulated in a controlled release packet, the proprietary membrane releases effective rates of the attractant for 4 weeks. In a garden or nursery setting hang at crop height equal distance from each other or in “hot spots” where pest manipulation is needed. General use rate is one per 200 square feet or one per large tree.

Contains THREE powerful lures. Each lure lasts one month.

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Beneficial Insects:
Lady Bug – Aggressive predator of aphids, mites, scale crawlers, and caterpillar and beetle eggs and larvae, particularly Colorado potato beetle.

Lacewing – The larvae of lacewings are generalist predators and attack almost any soft-bodied insect such as aphids, mites, whiteflies, mealybugs, thrips, scale crawlers, caterpillars, psyllids and eggs of all. Each larva can kill 30 to 50 aphids per day.

Hover Flies – Adult flies feed on pollen and nectar, whereas larvae feed on all soft-bodied insects. Larvae can consume 200-800 aphids in a 7 to 10 day period. They play an important role in suppressing populations of pest insects.