Halls Base


Each Halls Greenhouse has a prefabricated galvanized steel base available as an optional accessory. A firm level base is essential for any building and by using a Halls Greenhouse Base 5″ is added to the overall height of the building giving extra headroom. Anchor stakes are provided.

Greenhouse Location
When choosing a location for your greenhouse, your top priorities should be a level area that receives maximum exposure to the sun. Experts recommend that the length of the greenhouse run east to west to allow for the greatest surface area with a southern exposure. This is especially important for late season gardening.

If possible, locate the greenhouse where it will receive a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day during the winter months. If additional light is required, grow lights can be installed to supplement light requirements for plants. A good site is also sheltered from high winds, close to water and electricity and easily accessible from your home and garden.