Green Johanna


FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States.
FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States.

The Rolls Royce of backyard bins! Manufactured in Sweden, the Green Johanna Composter works more quickly than standard units and can be used to break down all types of kitchen waste including cooked food, bones, fish and meat. This patented “closed” unit provides good ventilation and is easy to empty yet does not allow pests to access the contents.

• Accepts all food waste including bones, fish and meat
• Locking lid can be used to regulate airflow and temperature
• Round shape ensures NO “cold” corners so heat is spread more evenly
• Sliding doors on the front and rear make it easy to remove the finished product
• Base plate enables good ventilation — allows worms to enter, but not rodents!
• Unique design can be used year round
• Warranty – 5-Year

Size: 31″ wide (at base) x 37″ tall – 25 lbs.

Winter Jacket – Helps to accelerate the composting process during colder months when decomposition slows due to low air temperature.