Grafter’s Handbook

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Give an old tree a new life! The Grafter’s Handbook by R.J. Garner is the classic reference book on plant propagation by grafting. First published in 1946, this sixth revised and updated edition includes everything you’d want to know about this time-honored skill. Hardcover, 320 pages.

Inside the cover:
• Solid how-to information
• Clearly written in an easy-to-follow style
• Illustrated with line drawings and photographs
• A treasure trove of hands-on experience
• Includes a complete and useful glossary

Born in England in 1907, Robert John Garner was a scientist at the former East Malling Research Center and became an international authority on the vegetative propagation of woody plants. His book, revised and updated by respected horticulturist Steve Bradley, offers a comprehensive grafting course for professional horticulturists and hobbyists alike.