Fruit Fly


Eliminate gnats from your kitchen with the BioCare Fruit Fly Trap. A natural attractant entices these troublesome pests into the decorative container where they become trapped and drown. Safe, effective and 100% pesticide free.

• Easy assembly — just add water!
• Uses proven attractant technology
• Captures 3x more than competing brands
• Works without chemicals – 100% pesticide free
SAFE to use around people, pets and food

Each kit includes TWO traps with bait. Non-Toxic Replacement Lures (3-pack) will last 30 days and are completely safe around food items. Please select from the drop-down menu.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF


Step 1: Open lid and remove contents.

Step 2: Fill half full with warm tap water.

Step 3: Add complete lure packet to the jar.

Step 4: Close lid and place where pests are present.