Four O’ Clocks

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Discovered by Conquistadors in the 16th century, Four O’Clock flowers are also called Marvel of Peru. Abundant blooms — with a wide range of colors — open after 4pm and attract hummingbird moths. (Annual, 2-3′ tall)

Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
Hardy plants flourish in sunny locations — will tolerate partial shade — with fast draining rich garden soil. Sow indoors 4- to 5-weeks before the last frost or direct sow outdoors 1/8 inch deep after temperatures have warmed. Thin seedlings 8- to 12-inches apart in all directions and mulch to conserve moisture loss and discourage weeds. Picking spent blooms will prolong the flowering season late into summer.

Flowers are susceptible to rust disease. Watch closely and apply organic fungicides, if necessary.