Halls Double

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An economical alternative to greenhouses! A cold frame is really a mini-greenhouse and is ideal for the cultivation of small plants and vegetables, especially in the early spring. Halls Double Cold Frame offers 12 square feet of growing area and comes complete with 4 hinged vents and 4 stakes for anchoring to the ground.

• Hinged sliding vents for increased ventilation
• Aluminum construction offers long life and low maintenance
• Polypropylene panels allow 70% light transmission
• Complete kit installs in minutes!
• 5 year warranty on panels

Length: 4′ 0″
Width: 3′ 3″
Back Height: 1′ 4″
Front Height: 1′ 0″
Growing Area: 12 sq ft
No. of Vents: 4

Grower’s Tip:
The aluminum structure supplied with this mini-greenhouse is not wide enough to support a Halls Automatic Vent Opener. Air cooling and circulation can be controlled using the included openers.