Cup and Saucer

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Also known as cathedral bells, Cup and Saucer Vine (Cobaea scandens) produces large, 2- to 3-inch, bell-shaped flowers on vines that can reach 25 feet long, if given support. This rare white flowered type is ideal for stone walls, arbors and trellises. Can be grown in large pots too! (Annual)

Each packet contains approximately 10 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
These prolific, easy to grow plants do well in sunny locations and require plenty of room to accommodate their sprawling habit. Sow indoors — long edge pointing down — 6- to 8-weeks before the last frost date of spring or direct sow in prepared beds after temperatures have warmed. Seeds can be chipped and soaked for better germination. Thin seedlings 24- to 36-inches apart and provide support so plants can climb.

Plants can be pinched back when young to encourage branching and flower buds. Spread a nice layer of mulch to help conserve moisture, improve aesthetics and prevent weeds.