EZ-Tumbler (90 gal.)

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If you’re crazy for homemade organic matter, this is the tumbler you’ve been waiting for. The Good Ideas Compost Wizard is a dream to turn, it kicks out finished compost in about two weeks, and it keeps the critters out of your food scraps. Load it up, spin once a week, and you’re done! This workhorse is completely made in America of 100% recycled materials.

The CompostWizard arrives fully assembled so you won’t spend hours putting it together, and it’s low profile design means you won’t need to lift materials very far to fill it. The rotating drum can also be removed and rolled to any area for easy filling or dispensing.

• Constructed of tough, long-lasting recycled polyethylene
• Exceptional capacity — 12 cubic feet
• Smooth, dependable turning action with innovative hand grips
• Excellent aeration and moisture retention
• Turn weekly for finished compost in about 14 days!
• Forget the wheelbarrow — roll the tumbler to pick up clippings and weeds
• Animal-resistant (including bears!)

Available in black only for faster compost creation. Size: 36″L x 29″W x 29″H; weighs 40 lbs.

Owner’s Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
The screw-in lid definitely keeps pests and animals out, but sometimes requires a firm hand. For easier operation, try to open and close it when temperatures are moderate, not when the tumbler material is very hot or cold.