Bucket Screen

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One simple step can give your plants a fine foundation. The Bucket Screen Compost Sifter takes your chunky, nearly-there collection of plant material and shakes it into a finely-blended nutrition cocktail. Place a forkful of your best broken-down yard and garden leftovers, give it a few shakes, and the tough stems, bark and rough organic matter stay behind, leaving a perfectly textured soil amendment. Fits most 3, 5 and 7 gallon buckets!

• Ideal for homemade soils and fertilizers
• Sturdy construction is built to last
• Includes finger handles for easy use
• Works as a harvest basket too!
• Made in the USA

Size: 12 in. round x 2 in. deep

Grower’s Tip:
For best results and texture, make sure materials are dry to slightly damp (not wet) before screening.