CitraDish (Pacs)

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Skip the chemicals and still get spot-free dishes! Home Solv Citra Dish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Pacs give you fragrance-free cleaning power without dyes, chlorine or other harmful chemicals that vaporize in a superheated environment. Just drop into your machine and enjoy sparkling dishes!

• Deep-cleaning formula that doesn’t disappoint
• Free & Clear of irritating chemical scents
• Equally safe for municipal water systems or septic
• Incredible results without phosphates, EDTA or NTA
• Always cruelty free and vegan!

Available in a 20-pack pouch size.

User’s Tip:
EDTA or NTA are phosphates commonly used in household detergents. When our water supply becomes overloaded with them, the result can be algae blooms, acidic water pH levels and oxygen-starved bodies of water, all of which leave the natural environment weaker.