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Referred to as Pot Marigold for centuries. Radio Calendula was introduced to gardeners in the 1930s and is now quite hard to find. Beautiful orange flowers have quill-like petals. Blooms all summer long. Self-seeding. (Annual, 18-24″ tall) Learn How to Grow Calendula here.

Each packet contains approximately 250 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
These cool-season, sun-loving plants will tolerate light shade in warm areas. Start indoors in flats for early season flowering or sow directly in the garden. Space 12- to 24-inches apart in all directions and water deeply to promote vibrant growth and beautiful blossoms. Mulch to prevent weeds, conserve moisture and help keep roots cool.

Daisy-like plants are often used in lotions, salves and balms. Pinch off spent flowers on a regular basis to extend the blooming period. Portions of the plant are edible and will draw plenty of oohs and ahhs when presented in a meal.