Bountea Brew Kit

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Includes ALL you need to revitalize a 1000 square foot garden! The Bountea Compost Tea Brew Kit is an easy to use, do-it-yourself brewer with four main ingredients: Humisoil, Bioactivator, Root Web and Marine Mineral Magic (M3). Each gallon treats 250 – 500 square feet of ground.

• Brewing container (4 gallon)
• Air diffuser
• Air pump
• Filter bag
• Instructions and CD

Ingredients (included):
• 3 bags Alaska Humisoil
• 1 lb Box Bioactivator
• 1/4 lb Box Root Web
• 1 lb Box Marine Mineral Magic (M3)

Please consult the Bountea Brewing Instructions (PDF) for brewer assembly, instructions and garden applications.