Food Waste

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Compost pail liners. BioBag Food Waste Bags are for the collection of kitchen scraps and other biodegradable materials for composting. Made with GMO-free corn and containing NO polyethylene, they can be thrown in your backyard compost pile, where they will degrade as naturally as the contents they contain.

Shelf stable, BioBag degrades quickly when exposed to nature’s elements and microorganisms – just like paper towels! Each box contains 25 full-sized (17″ high x 18″ wide) 3-gallon bags.

Grower’s Tip:
Not only do they keep your compost pail clean and odor-free, they’re great for storing refrigerated fruits and vegetables too! Bio-Bags “breathe” without leaking. This unique feature allows heat and moisture to evaporate through the walls of the bag, keeping fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Try it!

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