Autumn/ Winter Prep

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BLOWOUT SALE. Forget about messy, murky spring cleaning for your pond! MICROBE-LIFT Autumn-Winter Prep goes to work breaking down dead organic matter while you’re snuggled in by the fireplace! Just treat the water in fall, and special cold-weather bacteria plus enzymes tackle decaying leaves and sludge — even in weather below 40°F. The two-part process includes both liquid and dry strains of bacteria.

• Safe and natural cleaning power that lasts all winter
• Works even under ice and snow
• Provides cleaner water for fish all winter long
• Primes a perfect environment for the spring, when fish are more active
• Contains cellulase enzymes, cellulase-producing bacteria, and cold-weather bacteria

Each 2-part system contains one quart (32 oz) bottle of liquid bacteria and four 2 oz water soluble packets of enzymes.

Grower’s Tip:
Beneficial bacteria will survive a hard freeze and become active after thawing out in the spring.