Feeder Paks (12-10-10)

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Supplies slow release fertilizer to plants for up to 24 months! Xtreme Gardening Feeder Paks are time-released nutrient packets (10 grams each) containing high-quality plant food (NOT ORGANIC). Each pack will feed a plant for up to TWO years assuring maximum output of growth, vitality and color in your garden.

Environmentally safe, these ONCE and DONE Packs are the most efficient means of providing a supplemental source of nutrients to new transplants, indoor potted plants and other ornamentals. Each package contains FIFTY slow-release, polymer coated packs.

Available size: 50 Pack

It’s as easy as… one… two… three…

Step 1: Place one pack in each planting hole.

Step 2: Place transplant on top.

Step 3: Back-fill and water thoroughly.

Heavy feeders such as tomatoes and melons – Use three Feeder Packs per plant, evenly set around the transplant hole.

Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Ingredients: Polymer coated urea, polymer coated mono ammonium phosphate and polymer coated potassium nitrate.