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Need to improve your soil’s drainage and density or adjust its acid-alkaline balance? Need to provide your roses, azaleas or tomatoes specific minerals or other nutrients? Whether you’re improving your soil from scratch or adding just the right nutrients to encourage blooming, we have the organic soil amendments your growing requires.

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  • Azomite Rock Dust

    Azomite (0-0-0.2)

    This natural re-mineralizer helps grow stronger plants and better tasting crops.

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Dr. Earth Kelp Meal

    Kelp Meal (1-0.5-2)

    Derived from Norwegian seaweed and infused with beneficial microbes.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Humic Acid Fertilizer

    Humic Acids (Granular)

    Harvested from a huge deposit of decomposed plant life from millions of years ago.

    $9.50 $7.95
  • Azomite - Granulated

    Azomite (Granular)

    Use for large blooms, strong plants and nutritionally dense greens and vegetables.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Alfalfa Meal

    Alfalfa Meal (2-1-2)

    Add to flower and vegetable gardens to boost plant growth and blooms.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Alfalfa Meal

    Alfalfa Meal (Organic)

    Derived from sun-cured, non-genetically modified alfalfa that is freshly milled.

    $9.50 $7.95
  • Alfalfa Pellets (50 lb)

    Alfalfa Pellets

    Contains nitrogen (5%) and triacontanol, a natural plant growth promoter.

    $24.95 $19.95
  • Ancient Forest Humus

    Ancient Forest Humus

    Contains pure, naturally decomposed forest humus — NO fillers or additives.

    $16.50 $12.95
  • Roots Organics Big Worm

    Big Worm

    Contains NO chemicals, NO fillers and NO tricks — just natural goodness!

    $55.95 $32.95
  • Dr. Earth Blood Meal

    Blood Meal (13-0-0)

    A strong source of slow release, organic nitrogen for ALL types of plants.

    $12.50 $10.95
  • Bone Meal (50 lb)

    Bone Meal (2-14-0)

    A very strong source of phosphorous and contains up to 24% calcium.

    $64.95 $56.95
  • Dr. Earth Bone Meal

    Bone Meal (3-15-0)

    Promotes superior roots and fruit development in ALL flowering plants.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • BuffaLoam Compost

    BuffaLoam Compost

    Contains no toxic chemicals, artificial ingredients, unknown fillers or waste products.

    $15.95 $12.95
  • Garden Charcoal


    Perfect for terrariums! Charcoal removes odors and improves aeration.

    $7.95 $5.50
  • Cottonseed Meal (50 lb)

    Cottonseed Meal

    An excellent source of slow-release nitrogen, phosphorus and potash.

    $39.95 $36.50
  • Dr. Earth Cottonseed Meal

    Cottonseed Meal (5-2-1)

    Excellent for acid-loving plants, like blueberries, azaleas and rhododendrons.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Crab Meal Fertilizer

    Crab Meal (4-3-0)

    Crops love this by-product of the Pacific Northwest Dungeness crab harvest.

    $9.50 $7.95
  • Dolomite Lime (50 lb)

    Dolomite Lime

    Raises pH in acidic soils and is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium.

    $24.50 $18.95
  • Dr. Iron

    Dr. Iron

    Use to correct iron deficiency which causes yellowing in plants and turf.

    $14.95 $12.95
  • Blood Meal (50 lb)

    Dried Blood (13-0-0)

    Used for years by growers as a powerful, slow release source of nitrogen (13%).

    $79.95 $71.95
  • Worm Castings

    Earthworm Castings

    Gardeners know earthworm castings to be rich in nutrients and beneficial microbes.

    $24.95 $18.95
  • Organic Feather Meal

    Feather Meal (12-0-0)

    Made from hydrolyzed and ground feathers collected from the poultry industry.

    $13.95 $11.95
  • Fish Bone Meal

    Fish Bone Meal (3-18-0)

    An excellent source of slow release phosphorous and calcium, plus trace elements.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Dr. Earth Fish Meal

    Fish Meal (9-4-1)

    A complete source of primary plant nutrients infused with beneficial microbes.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Organic Fish Meal

    Fish Meal (9-4.5-0)

    Uniquely processed to retain maximum nutrition without using synthetic chemicals.

    $89.95 $82.50
  • Diatomaceous Earth

    Fossil Shell Flour

    Perma-Guard is a pure, food grade diatomaceous earth (fresh water type).

    $39.95 $32.50
  • Organic Garden Compost

    Garden Compost

    Provides organic matter and natural nutrients for flowers and vegetables.

    $8.50 $5.50
  • Garden Gypsum

    Garden Gypsum

    While not a fertilizer, Gypsum can help increase the productivity of your plants.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Garden Manure

    Garden Manure (4-2-2)

    Derived from poultry waste that’s been dehydrated to provide higher NPK.

    $5.95 $4.25
  • Glacial Rock Dust (50 lb)

    Glacial Rock Dust

    Adds trace minerals to depleted gardens and improves plant health.

    $29.95 $25.95
  • Espoma Greensand

    Greensand (0-0-0.1)

    Supplies potassium (K), an essential nutrient that promotes plant hardiness.

    $14.95 $12.50
  • Greensand (50 lb)

    Greensand (0-0-3)

    Contains slow-release potash (3%) and a large array of trace minerals. Sold in 50 lb bags.

  • Gypsum


    Loosens heavy clay soils while adding calcium and sulfur in a readily available form.

    $19.95 $17.50
  • Organic Insect Frass

    Insect Frass (2-2-2)

    A 100% vegan plant food made from the excrement and exoskeletons of insects.

    $26.95 $23.95
  • Kelp Meal

    Kelp Meal (1-0-2)

    An excellent source of micronutrients and beneficial plant growth promoters.

    $96.95 $82.95
  • Langbeinite Fertilizer

    Langbeinite/ K-Mag (0-0-22)

    Use for plants that need a nutritional boost without a high NPK load.

    $11.50 $9.50
  • Mega Chunk Perlite

    Mega Chunk

    The exact same product as Foxfarm’s Big & Chunky perlite — only cheaper!

    $49.95 $34.95
  • Neem Seed Meal

    Neem Meal (6-1-2)

    Stimulates microbial activity and is excellent for boosting root systems and root crops.

    $15.95 $13.95
  • Organic Compost

    Organic Compost

    Contains NO sewage sludge or bio-solids that are often found in commercial brands.

    $19.50 $14.95
  • Oyster Shell Fertilizer

    Oyster Shell

    This crushed mix ensures rapid and long-term release of calcium for stronger plants.

    $8.50 $6.95
  • Oyster Shell Lime (50 lb)

    Oyster Shell Lime

    Contains up to 39% calcium (Ca), plus many other important plant nutrients.

    $18.95 $16.50
  • Super Coarse Perlite

    PLANT!T Perlite

    Super coarse-grade contains lots of nooks and crannies for water and air space.

    $31.95 $24.95
  • Precision Perlite

    Precision Perlite

    Perfect for starting seeds, rooting cuttings or adding to any growing medium.

    $37.95 $19.95
  • Rock Phosphate (50 lb)

    Rock Phosphate

    Once applied, rock phosphate will remain until used by plants – NO leaching!

    $29.95 $26.50
  • Dr. Earth Rock Phosphate

    Rock Phosphate (0-2-0)

    A long-lasting source of phosphorous — ideal for flowering trees and shrubs!

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Secrets to Great Soil

    Secrets to Great Soil

    Includes over 300 illustrations and at-a-glance charts to ensure a bountiful harvest.

  • Shellfish Fertilizer (50 lb)

    Shellfish Fertilizer

    A natural source of calcium (12.0%), nitrogen (4.0%) and many trace minerals.

    $44.95 $39.95
  • Shrimp Meal

    Shrimp Meal (6-6-0)

    Ground shells from Pacific Northwest crustaceans offer an excellent source of chitin.

    $8.50 $6.95
  • Soil Moist

    Soil Moist

    These super absorbent “crystals” trap moisture that would normally be lost.

    $12.95 $10.95
  • Soybean Meal Fertilizer

    Soybean Meal (7-1-2)

    A high-nutrient lift that’s derived from organically grown, GMO-free soybeans.

    $14.95 $12.95
  • Organic Peat Moss

    Sphagnum Peat Moss

    Perfect for acid-loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, roses and conifers.

    $19.50 $13.95
  • Sul-Po-Mag (50 lb)

    Sul-Po-Mag (0-0-22)

    Also known as sulfate of potash-magnesia, Sul-Po-Mag contains 22% potash (K).

    $47.95 $43.50
  • Organic Chicken Manure

    Sup’r Green (3-2-2)

    Sup’r Green provides over 5 times more plant food value than steer manure.

    $12.95 $9.50
  • Vermiculite

    Vermiculite (8qt)

    Use to root cuttings or to offer any plant more air capacity for healthy growth.

    $6.50 $4.50
  • Washed Sand

    Washed Sand

    A beautiful option to top-dress potted plants or small xeriscape gardens.

    $6.50 $4.50
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