Uses of Wild Plants

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A unique guide to the plants of North America! The Uses of Wild Plants: Using and Growing the Wild Plants of the United States and Canada explores how certain plants have been used for food, drink, medicine, intoxicants and more throughout history. Each entry includes a thorough description and black and white line drawing to aid in identifying these valuable plants. Paperback, 298 pages.

Inside the cover:
• Describes more than 1200 species in over 500 genera
• Covers both native and non-native plants
• Cultivation techniques for the most significant species
• Easy-to-follow format with detailed plant profiles
• Another step toward self sufficiency

The author of four popular books, Frank Tozer has been interested in organic gardening and plants for as long as he can remember. His passion has grown over the years to include the whole garden where food plants are no longer confined to a vegetable garden, but grow everywhere.