Wheat Grass Kit

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An organic garden right in your kitchen! The Handy Pantry Wheatgrass Growing Kit lets you experience the health benefits of cultivating and juicing your own wheat grass for just pennies per day! USDA certified ORGANIC.

• 3 Planting Trays
• 1 Drain Tray
• 3 CocoTek Mats
• 12 oz. Azomite (a natural mineral additive)
• 3 lbs Seed (Non-GMO)
Sprouting For Health Booklet
• 1 Laminated Instruction Sheet


Step 1: Soak seeds.

Step 2: Prepare mat bed and spread on seeds.

Step 3: Water and cover seeds. Uncover and water occasionally.

Step 4: Harvest in about 10 days.

Step 5: You’re ready to juice. Enjoy!