Vita Gardens 4×4 Garden Bed with Grow Grid, Packaging may vary

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Raised garden beds are very popular and for good reason, they add a landscaped look to your yard, don’t requiring digging or tilling soil, and make gardening easier with warmer soil. Our garden bed kits are attractive, self contained, maintenance free . That means you don’t have to buy and cut wood, hold and screw brackets, stain, paint, and maintain them year after year. Our garden beds assemble in minutes so you can plant your garden right away. Not only that – they’re screw less, so no tools are required, and they can be easily attached to create larger gardens. The included grow grid also looks professional and orderly. Gardening via a grid system also gives you a better yield than traditional planting in the same area. This is because each type of plant is placed close together in the square (vs traditional rows). That closeness keeps moisture in and cuts down on weeds. Additionally when the yield has finished, you just re-plant that square.