Classic Tiller

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This tool was born to get dirty! The Flexrake Classic Flower and Vegetable Tiller is perfect for hacking unwanted roots, pulling back soil, and smoothing it back over for a perfect finish. The blade lets you knock back weeds or pull open a planting hole, and the tines get right next to the plant to work in soil amendments. Keep this close all season long!

• Hand-turned oak handle
• Carbon steel blades and tines that won’t break!
• Heat treated for strength
• Non-slip grip
• Timeless craftsmanship
• 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Size: 14-1/4″ long

Grower’s Tip:
One of the best tools we’ve seen for planting young starts. Use the blade to dig, then flip the tool around to rake soil back into and around the hole. Fast and neat!