Stone Soup

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Just like the classic folk story, Stone Soup, this fun-filled garden will grow with your child and provide a lesson in sharing and cooperation. Packaged in a recycled steel case, each planting kit includes SIX varieties of organic vegetable seeds (selected for their different shapes, colors and sizes), plant markers (6), pencil, growing instructions, the “stone soup” recipe and of course… a stone’s included too!

• A magical gift for kids of all ages!
• Quick germinating seeds are easy to grow
• Garden fun for the entire family!
• Contains everything you need to get started
• Made in the USA

Seed Varieties (USDA Organic):
Blue Lake Pole Bean, Mammoth Melting Pea, Roma Tomato, Red Acre Cabbage and Little Fingers Carrot.

User’s Tip:
Gardening projects, big or small, teach children how to care for plants — and thus themselves — and about responsibility. Who knows, they might even want to eat the vegetables they helped grow.