Dr. Earth Starter (2-4-2)


A hand-crafted, natural blend containing mycorrhizae! Dr. Earth Starter Fertilizer (Root Zone) reduces plant stress and is SAFE for tender transplants (e.g. bedding plants, pony packs and 4″ container plants). Each bag will treat 55 square feet of growing area or 80 1-gallon transplants. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

• Eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers
• Provides optimum levels of plant nutrients, including micro-nutrients and minerals
• Bigger, more abundant plants… NATURALLY!
• Promotes healthy growth in ALL types of plants
• Contains PRO-BIOTIC Seven Champion strains of beneficial soil microbes
• Contains Eight select strains of Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae
SAFE for ALL tender plants

Available in 4 lb and 12 lb sizes.

Broadcast 1-1/2 cups Dr. Earth Organic 2 per 10 square feet during soil preparation, or 7 cups per 50 feet of row. For container plants, mix 2 Tbsp to each quart of potting medium, or 1/2 cup per 1/2 cubic foot (5 gallons) of soil. Can also be mixed with water for foliar feeding or deep root feeding. See product label for specific instructions.

Ingredients: Alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, feather meal, potassium sulfate, soft rock phosphate, seaweed extract and seven strains of Pro-Biotic beneficial soil microbes, PLUS Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae. Give it a try… you’ll see BLUE RIBBON results!