Sprout Spray

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Natural Fruit & Veggie Wash. Handy Pantry Sprout Spray is SAFE and effective for removing dirt, wax, mold and pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Keeps sprouts fresh and crisp too! 100% biodegradable. NO residues.

Available size: Pint (16 oz) Spray


Sprouts: Prior to soaking seeds, use TWO Tbsp. per quart of water. Add sprouting seed and agitate for approximately 30 seconds, drain and rinse. While sprouting, rinse and spray sprouts TWO times per day. Rinse completely with fresh water. Stored sprouts should be rinsed and sprayed 3 to 4 times per week to keep them fresh and crisp.

Fruits/ Vegetables: Apply to produce and wash by hand or with a brush. Rinse with fresh water.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Water, glycerol (from vegetable sources), potassium hydroxide (from minerals), ethyl alcohol (from corn), oleic acid (from vegetable sources), baking soda and citric acid.