Soy Lubricant (SL-100)

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Finally… a plant-based lubricant that’s safe! Biokleen Chain & Parts Lube is made entirely from renewable resources. An effective lubricant that lasts longer than most traditional products and is more environmentally responsible. Perfect for bike chains, hinges, and squeaks of all kinds.

• Penetrates stuck/ slow-moving parts
• A non-petroleum product
• Cleans with dissolving action — removes tape adhesive!
• Protects against corrosion and rust
• Seals and locks-out moisture

Available size: 4 oz Squeeze Bottle

Apply to bike chains, hinges and squeaks of all kinds. Reapply if necessary. For best protection and prevention, do NOT remove.

Ingredients: Methyl soyate, methyl oleate, citrus terpenes, methyl linoleate, methyl palmitate and methyl stearate.

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