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What would you have in your ideal garden hose? Let’s say it stays flexible in hot, cold and freezing temperatures. Toxins such as BPA, lead and pthalates can unfortunately be found in some hoses so you’d prefer it completely safe for a drink on a hot day. Durable, lightweight, made in the USA would be nice. Anything else? Well, here it is! This hose will be a true pleasure to work with, and it will last. Made in the USA by Water Right.


  • Fittings are solid machined brass, and chrome plated so you won’t have leaky connections.
  • Polyether-based polyurethane is designed for long-term use with no cracks or leaks.


  • 50 feet of hose weighs only three pounds.
  • 1/2″ inside diameter have a 4-5 gallons per minute flow rate, which is plenty for most jobs around the home, garden or shop.

Using this hose can make a special difference for those with smaller or weaker hands.

Size: 50 feet

Accent your garden with hoses in Cranberry, Olive, Eggplant and Espresso.