PondZyme Plus

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Heavy Duty Pond Cleaner. The specially selected bacterial strains in Pond-Zyme with Barley immediately begin breaking down fish waste and dead algae that cause cloudy water, sludge buildup, and debris that clogs pumps and filters.

Through enzymatic action, PondCare PondZyme reduces pond maintenance and keeps water clean and clear. 100%-natural. Safe for fish, plants and wildlife. Will NOT harm pets, people or wildlife.

• Cleans and clarifies pond water.
• Starts working in minutes.
• Eliminates troublesome organic sludge and debris.
• Helps maintain a natural healthy balance in the pond.

Available size: 1 lb Container — treats up to 16,000 gallons

Sprinkle desired dose evenly around the perimeter of the pond.

Initial Dose: Using the enclosed spoon, add one spoonful for every 100 gallons twice a week for two weeks.

Maintenance Dose: Add one spoonful for every 200 gallons every two weeks.

End of Season Dose: Same as initial dose.

Safe for use in all ornamental koi ponds and water gardens. This product is formulated to work in both cold and warm water.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF

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